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This is a database of 32,095 obituary notices which appeared in the Cleveland Jewish News, compiled by our member, Helen Rosenstein Wolf.

The index covers Oct 30 1964 through Dec 31 2015. For each entry, the index contains the deceased's name, the date of death, and in which issue of the Cleveland Jewish News the obituary appeared. Each entry usually contains the deceased's age, birthplace, and maiden name. The name of the cemetery is occasionally noted.

The database contains the following information (if published):

  • Surname (Last name)
  • Given Name (First name)
  • Middle Name or Initial
  • Maiden Name (nee)
  • Title (Mr., Mrs., Rabbi, etc,)
  • Age at Death
  • Birthplace
  • Date of Death
  • Obituary/Death Notice Publication Date
  • Place of Burial (Cemetery)

The Cleveland Jewish News (CJN) is an independent community newspaper continuously published weekly since October 30, 1964, serving the greater Cleveland Ohio area. The CJN has a paid circulation of approximately 14,000.

The Cleveland Jewish News Digital Archive is now free to use. It contains the entire run of the Cleveland Jewish News.  More than 120,000 newspaper pages are presented in the archive just as they appeared in print.  Every edition is fully indexed and text-searchable. It can be found at

The CJN Digital Archive also includes issues of these predecessor newspapers:

  • The Hebrew Observer
  • The Jewish Independent
  • The Jewish Review
  • The Jewish Review and Observer
  • The Jewish World (Yiddisher Velt)

The CJN Obituary database is also available through, and is updated annually.

To search the database index on this site, fill in any or all of the information in the table below, then click the "Search" Button. The more information you include, the tighter the search results will be.  The fewer items you include, the broader the results will be. Supplying only the surname, for example, will give you a list of all entries for that surname.

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