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There are approximately 800 photos in our gallery, most of which were photographed by Wendy Lang, a member of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland. Others were photographed and submitted by other members of the Society. Some photos show more than one name, and some show only first or last names.

Enter any of the search terms, then click the "Search" button to get a list of photos in the database that match the search parameter(s).

Maiden names, when shown on the headstones, appear in the "Given or other names" field.
The "Full Name" appears in one of these formats, based on the information in the other fields:

  • Smith, David D.
  • Smith, Dr. David D. - (when the Title is shown)
  • Smith, Helen Jones - (when the Maiden name is included)
  • Smith, - (when only a surname appears)
  • , Joseph - (when only a given name appears)

Once a name has been identified and displayed on the results page, a simple click on the link in the last column of the results table will display a picture of the headstone.

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