The March 2011 Beginners' Workshop

The Society held a Beginners' Workshop on March 25, 2011, with internet access to Ancestry.com for the participants. The program was led by Society President Ken Bravo and Society KOL Editor Cynthia Spikell. (Photos courtesy of Karen Newborn)

A Jewish Genealogy Society Meeting

Member Armin Weinberg took pictures at a typical meeting of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland on April 6, 2005. He attended with his father, Dr. Herman Weinberg, a long-time member, who can be seen facing the camera on the right in picture 0968.jpg. There are photo of Lauri Burkons leading the meeting and of the members of the group as they listen intently to the program.

The pictures starting with 0971.jpg are of member Larry Wymor presenting a program on how to conduct an oral history interview. In picture 0982.jpg Larry is interviewing Phyllis Wachs and she is being taken back in time to when she was a little girl. Here she is remembering experiences and surroundings from a time period she hasn't experienced in many, many years.

The Arlene Rich Recognition Party

The Society held a party in April 2006 to celebrate the service of its long-time president Arlene Rich.

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